Getting ice is simple!

From the front customer panel, you simply insert the purchase amount in any combination of bills, quarters, nickels, or dimes just like other vending machines. You then press one of two buttons to select either a 16 pound bag or, for the same price, 20 pounds of bulk ice dropped directly into your cooler.

If a 16 pound bag is chosen, the bag full of ice slides out immediately to the left of the customer panel less than 10 seconds after pressing the button. If you choose 20 pounds of bulk ice, you simply pull the chute handle on the far left to dump ice delivered to the bulk chute.

You can also bring a clean 1 gallon, or 5 gallon container to our ice stations to purchase the same water used to make ice. The water comes from a certified source. It is further treated through filtration systems to meet a high standard. Our water has been run through an ultra-violet system to kill possible microbes that might remain in the water. The ice itself, or even the filled bag, is never touched by human hands until you pick it up.